. the concept was defined by the functional part of this project, and it can be found in the ample storage space present throughout the apartment. the clients wished to have an organized home, a clean and airy atmosphere with minimalist and industrial influences. the warm, welcoming vibe is enhanced by accents of yellow found in the sofa upholstery and the natural wood essence used for the floors and the ceiling.

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. Nature plays an important part in the design of this vacation home. The exterior of the house is the antithesis of the forests surrounding Bucsin. The white facades, together with the wooden facades painted in black, draw the eye to the clean volume geometry and the way it fits with the organic lines of the surrounding hills. The interior is a completely different story.

. The interior is almost completely decked in beech wood, from the kitchen to the bedroom to the living room, and it creates a perfect background to showcase the splendid natural landscape that is visible through the big windows. It was one of the biggest challenges architect Cindy Gal and ALSENA Furniture faced in this project: to design and produce all the furniture present in this house in their factory.