producator scaune lemn masiv

producator scaune lemn masiv


. ALSENA’s story is a family story which started 30 years ago. It begins in 1992 in Sărmașu, at the border between Mureș and Cluj County, in the heart of Transylvania to be closer to our clients. since then, we have operated in the industrial furniture market as suppliers of component parts. our factory spans 30.000 sqm and is home to modern, state-of-the-art tools such as CNC machines, package cutting machines, drilling machines and automatic formatting machines. 

. the wood is the main character in this story and we treat it with respect from the very beginning. our impact on the environment is one of our priorities, that’s why we always make sure that our wood comes from safe, sustainable sources and is FSC certified. we store our wood, dry it, and process it in all the ways available to us: from mass-produced products to solid wood ornaments, chipboard and MDF furniture to bespoke furniture that fits our clients’ needs. we have been loyal to our clients for three decades and now we believe it is time to write a new chapter in ALSENA’s story. since the beginning of 2022, we have started to work on our own personalized furniture collections. The project was initiated by architect Cindy Gal. under her supervision, we offer you a range of high-end furniture, all produced on demand.

producator scaune lemn masiv

. Alsena - Manufacturer of chairs, tables from solid wood

. simplicity and honesty are two of the main values that define these products. we are delighted by the wood texture, its natural colours and fibers. the hundreds of hours of hard work, of design and testing, are poured into a common goal here at ALSENA: to create honest pieces of furniture that bring out the best in the wood we use.  

. we appreciate local values and we like to use technologies know by us. so we can make them in our own factory or in collaboration with local companies. like this, it’s easier for us to follow every step of the process and to make sure the product that reaches your home is of the best quality. our products are based on research and testing, we are creating new furniture pieces that are a real challenge in the times when it seems almost impossible to create something new. assuming these risks for the benefit of the users and culture, can be considered as a contribution to the evolution of romanian design.

. modern, minimalist, functional, and last but not least, honest. 

. we are grateful for your sustained support and trust in this new chapter of ALSENA’s story. 

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. producator scaune lemn masiv