. the concept was defined by the functional part of this project, and it can be found in the ample storage space present throughout the apartment. the clients wished to have an organized home, a clean and airy atmosphere with minimalist and industrial influences. the warm, welcoming vibe is enhanced by accents of yellow found in the sofa upholstery and the natural wood essence used for the floors and the ceiling.

. ALSENA designed and produced the hardwood floors, the false ceiling, the dining table and the coffee tables. ash wood was used for every single product.

. the same material was used for the floors and the ceiling in the office area to create continuity and harmony in the apartment. the wood is fixed with tongue and groove joints and follows the same fiber direction from the floor to the ceiling to cancel any difference in the way the texture is laid out. the false ceiling creates a subtle barrier between the living area and the workspace.  

. the tabletops are made using the same type of ashwood. it is composed of two rows of wood glued together, and the final image is reminiscent of the lego pieces stacked on top of each other. the tabletops are fixed on metallic frames with a simple geometry, all painted black to create contrast with their surroundings and bring in a touch of industrial air to the home.  

. the design of the tables and the hardwood floors evoke the simplicity inherent to the ALSENA name, a kind of simplicity that brings out the best in every type of wood we use.