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. the “dog” (meaning kitchen wooden board in romanian language) is a modern kitchen accessory. with its elegant lines and a simple design, it can be the perfect gift for someone who loves to cook, or maybe even you. it’s unique becouse of the V-joint between the end profile and the main plate of solid beech wood. this piece it is not just for aesthetics but it offers extra stability for the wood not to bend. the surface is finished with a layer of oil.

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. rectangular tray made of solid BEECH and ASH wood for serving or chopping surface .

. perfect for a unique gift or just for your own use .

. available sizes: 7.9×7.9 in, 11.8×7.9 in, 15.7×7.9 in .

. thickness: 0.8 in .

. made in ROMANIA .


. design by Cindy GAL

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